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Allegheny County Executive and Pittsburgh Mayor Encourage Attendance at INSIDE OUT: Carrick

LDI is so thrilled that Allegheny County Executive, Rich Fitzgerald and Pittsburgh Mayor, Bill Peduto will attend INSIDE OUT: Carrick to address the community.  They have both lent their voices to encourage attendance at this vibrant and exciting community event:
We hope you’ll join your County Executive and Mayor at INSIDE OUT: Carrick to support our Pittsburgh neighborhoods!

About the Global Art Project: INSIDE OUT

The INSIDE OUT project is a global art participatory project started by the French artist and TED Prize winner JR. This installation is inspired by JR’s large-format street pastings to place emphasis on the people and their stories. To date, more than 260,000 people in 129 countries have participated in the Inside Out Project, and each INSIDE OUT project is documented, archived and exhibited online. The Carrick INSIDE OUT art installation will be unveiled at the May 6 PopUp! Pittsburgh event, and LDI XXIV is thrilled to work with the community to add Carrick to the map.

About INSIDE OUT: Carrick

Leadership Development Initiative (LDI) class XXIV, Huntington Bank and the Carrick community are hosting a free PopUp! Pittsburgh event on Saturday, May 6 at the Historic Dairy District Marketplace in Carrick from 11am-2pm. The 2017 PopUp! Pittsburgh event, INSIDE OUT Carrick, presented by Huntington Bank and in partnership with Economic Development South, Neighborhood Allies, the Birmingham Foundation and LUMA Institute will include an INSIDE OUT public art installation that captures the faces of those who call Carrick home to symbolize the past, present, and future of the community.

In addition to featuring the INSIDE OUT art installation, the 2017 PopUp! Pittsburgh event will include family-friendly activities, food trucks, and a festival atmosphere. County Executive Rich Fitzgerald and Mayor Peduto will attend and address the community.

The event will draw attention to Carrick as a community of opportunity – showcasing and celebrating the individuals making a difference for this historically important Pittsburgh neighborhood. There will be an opportunity for adults and children to share their stories and participate in community-building activities.

Join us on Saturday, May 6, 2017 from 11:00 AM – 2:00 PM at Carrick’s Historic Dairy District Marketplace, 1529 Brownsville Rd, Pittsburgh, PA  15210.

About Carrick

Carrick is a south neighborhood of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania in the United States. It is served by two zip codes, 15210 and 15227, and has representation on Pittsburgh City Council by the council member for District 4 (South Neighborhoods) with a part in District 3.

Located between the suburbs of the South Hills and downtown, Carrick is well-served by public transportation. Once home to prominent mansions and wealthy families, the neighborhood currently has an affordable, solid housing stock and remains family-oriented.

Carrick is located on the southeastern edge of the City of Pittsburgh. It is situated atop a crest west of the Monongahela River. It is surrounded by (clockwise from the north) Knoxville, Mt. Oliver Borough, Mt. Oliver, St. Clair, Baldwin Borough, Brentwood Borough, Overbrook, Brookline, Bon Air.

Brownsville Road runs across the top of the crest and is the main thoroughfare through the neighborhood. The Carrick section of Brownsville Road is approximately 2.2 miles long; it generally comprises three discrete business districts with residential areas in between.


Carrick was originally part of the land grant to Major John Ormsby from King George III in 1763 for his service during the French and Indian War.  It became known for coal mines and a glassworks in the Crailo area, also known as Spiketown, near the Presbyterian Church and Volunteers Field.

In 1853, Dr. John H. O’Brien received permission from the United States Postal Service to establish a post office in the area; for his hard work he was given the honor of naming it, and he chose “Carrick” after his home town, Carrick-on-Suir, Ireland. Carrick became a Borough in 1904 and in 1926 voted to become part of the City of Pittsburgh. In 1927 it officially became known as the 29th Ward.

Public facilities:

The neighborhood boasts of numerous parklet playgrounds, the Carnegie Library of Carrick, historic Phillips Park (comprising walking paths, a disc golf course, a recreation center and swimming pool) and Volunteers Field (comprising a baseball-only field and a multipurpose athletic field).

In 1997, Carrick was named the first “Cool Community in the northern United States by the U.S. Department of Energy. “Cool Community” is a national recognition program for strategic treeplanting for energy conservation purposes. Partnering with conservation organizations, community groups worked to weatherize homes and businesses, plant trees and flowers, and add elements of “green building” to the renovation of Carrick High School.

Brandon Marshall: Celebrity Appearance

Thanks in part to the many wonderful community connection the class of LDI XXI has created within the Larimer community, professional NFL athlete, Brandon Marshall, has agreed to make a celebrity appearance at our event.  Mr. Marshall’s ties to the community and region run deep as a Pittsburgh native, and as a part of his Brandon Marshall Foundation, Mr. Marshall understands the need for strong community bonds.  To learn more about the Brandon Marshall foundation, and its purpose, please follow the link above to his website.

Lighted Archway

As a part of Bright Night, the class of Leadership Development Initiative XXI has worked to create a temporary lighted archway to present to the residents of Larimer that will welcome visitors to the neighborhood of Larimer.  The intent is to work with the community after the event to make the construction and installation of a similar, permanent fixture a realization.  Below is an artistic rendering of what this archway will look like at Bright Night.


Event Features

As we draw near May 17th there has been a lot of discussion regarding what exactly can be expected in terms of entertainment at Bright Night; the short answer to that is, LOTS!!!

Auto enthusiasts will be greeted upon entry to Larimer Avenue with a collection of 30 of the best cars the Pittsburgh Car Scene has to offer.  Continuing on towards  the ever important food selection, provided for by Pittsburgh Taco Truck and Pittsburgh Food Revolution, attendees will encounter educational and entertainment booths consisting of a NASCAR pit crew drill station, face painters, and a Science & Technology exhibit courtesy of Carnegie Library.  As the afternoon changes to evening live musical and dance routines will be occurring at our main stage in anticipation of night fall.  As the evening falls upon the event, Larimer Avenue will then be illuminated via theatrical lighting, courtesy of Luxe Lighting, in anticipation of the events main feature; an outdoor laser light show courtesy of Lightwave International.  These are the same people who have conducted light shows for some of the nations largest entertainment events, to include SXSW and Coachella!

We look forward to seeing you all on Larimer Avenue on May17th!

Getting to Know The Larimer Community

EPS10 vector light frameThe Larimer community and all of its hardworking, kindhearted, and faithful residents have welcomed the LDI XXI class in with open arms. This past September, I was joined by about forty of my classmates as Larimer residents invited us into their homes, community center, and places of worship. They welcomed us with kindness and high spirits, sharing meals along with their desires, thoughts, and memories of the neighborhood. Many members of the LDI XXI class had lived in Pittsburgh their entire lives and had passed by the little town many times without recognition, but after just one night, one dinner, and one extremely stimulating conversation with the passionate residents of Larimer, we will never look at the community the same way again.

Planning an event in a community that you know very little about can be quite a challenge. However, getting to know the residents and fielding their participation and input was both easy and enjoyable. For the past 4 months, LDI XXI has been attending monthly meetings with the Larimer Consensus Group, volunteering in the community and establishing trust and friendship among residents. In these experiences we have found that the people of Larimer are open-minded and motivated to make their community the best that it can be. For that, we are excited and grateful to make Bright Night Larimer a fantastic event.

Join us on May 17th for Bright Night Larimer, and a chance to celebrate the wonderful people of Larimer that have given so much to their Community.